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  • Pye Acha Kunu
  • Pye Acha Pudding
  • Pye Acha Flour
  • Pye Acha Granola
  • Pye Acha Vita
  • Baobab Fruit Powder
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We have a variety of Acha products available at supermarkets and other retail outlets in Abuja, Jos, Kadunna, Lagos, Osun, Adamawa, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Jigawa and Taraba. Visit Our Online Shop to select a product to purchase, you can also buy on our stores at Konga and GTB SME Hub.

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We provide a wide range of variety to Acha at very affordable prices.

Retail Outlets

We are highly rated by our customers and we prove that our quality is what customers enjoy. We give our best to stay on top!

Days of Experience

Pye Ryat Foods has grown from stage to stage mastering the art of Acha processing. Our produce and varieties speak for themselves

Team Members

We have a group of diligent and well trained professionals, working toward the same goal of excellence.

Acha Cuisines

Get the best out of Acha, Learn how to make different cuisines

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Pye-Ryat Acha Improved Package


Acha Fruit Drink

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This was my first time with Acha, and it completely blew my mind. Thanks to Pye Ryat Foods.

Uyi Xmile

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Pye Ryat Foods Host Prince Charles

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